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Who We Are

Bennion Scholars apply their academic interests to meet a real social concern through a Capstone Project with a community partner and faculty mentor. Courage and optimism sustain Scholars’ endeavors to learn through inclusive collaboration on projects that support and develop innovative action within all communities. Bennion Scholars stand out as leaders who strive to impact their communities for the better.

What You'll Learn

Civic Skills

Abilities developed and utilized to influence positive community change.

Civic Awareness

A cognizance of the interconnectedness among individuals, society, and systems.

Civic Habits

Regular behavior related to community engagement.

Civic Values

The desires and beliefs related to social responsibility.

Admission Requirements

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • At least two full academic years left until graduation (you can have more and apply earlier)
  • A desire to make a positive difference in your world!

Program Requirements

Service hours must meet a recognized community need through a non-profit agency or group, provide service to the University community, or assist an individual person in need. Service must be performed without an hourly wage or compensation.

100 of the 400 hours are designated for the completion of the Capstone Project.

Up to 100 hours of community service completed while pursuing your degree but prior to enrolling in the program can be counted toward the total of 400.

Up to 100 hours of service conducted for academic credit and/or service supported through grants, stipends, or scholarships can generally be accepted.

Required 3-credit Intro to Civic Leadership Course (UGS 2030/FCS 5964) offered fall and spring semesters.

Required 1-3 variable credit Capstone Course (UGS 3025) offered fall and spring semesters as a hybrid/mostly online course. This course requires a permission code to register. The Intro to Civic Leadership course is a required prerequisite.

4-6 credits of additional Community Engaged Learning (CEL) coursework of the Scholar’s choosing. Any prior Community Engaged Learning credits may be applied to the program requirements. In order to receive credit, the class must have a CEL designation in the "Course Attributes" column of the online course catalog.

The Capstone Project is the culminating activity of the Scholars Program. It must integrate the Scholar’s academic interests (major/minor), skills, passion, and knowledge with substantively addressing a particular community-identified need and/or objective.  It demonstrates that the student has an in-depth and operational understanding of a particular issue or subject. A successful Capstone Project leaves a long term impact on the community and the student. Scholars partner with a community organization (public or non-profit) and a faculty mentor in the design and implementation of their project.

Reflection is an essential part of community engaged learning. In the context of the program, reflection is the act of discovering meaning behind our community engagement experiences. Rather than a simple retelling of events, Scholars articulate the relationship between different interactions and deeper issues and concepts. Scholars are able to use different methods for reflection such as journaling, writing a poem or song, making a video, or art.  For a reflection to meet the program criteria it must meet 3 Core Elements: Description (What?), Meaning (So What?), and Action (Now What?).

Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA throughout the duration of the program.

Check-in each semester with a peer mentor.

Attend the annual Scholars’ Conference.

Program Benefits

  • Utilize your degree to help solve a social problem.
  • Network with socially-minded faculty and community leaders.
  • Explore your passions, interests, and identity through different community experiences.
  • Earn a transcript designation: Bennion Scholar.

Applications Timeline

  • Apply by NOVEMBER 1 for Spring Start
  • Apply by APRIL 1 for Fall Start 

Contact Megan Medina (801) 585-3297, for more information. 

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Last Updated: 3/15/21