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Bennion Center Driver's Certification Form

Complete this form after you have completed the Driver’s Test on the State's Division of Risk Management website.

*ALTERNATIVE BREAK PARTICIPANTS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DRIVE AND PROVIDE A LICENSE - ASSISTANCE WITH DRIVING VANS IS OPTIONAL.* The Alternative Breaks Program encourages mature, responsible, and experienced drivers to help with driving to sites. If you have been cleared to drive by your site leader and staff partner, and you have passed the State’s Division of Risk Management’s Driver’s Test with 80% or above, please complete the following information to become a certified driver with the AB program.

Contact Information
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  1. Are you Faculty, Staff or Student?
  2. BC Area of Involvement
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License Information
  1. (e.g. 01/02/2020)
  2. (Must be 80% or above.)
Last Updated: 3/15/21