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Bennion Center Values


Courage and optimism are at the heart of our efforts to create deeply engaged learning experiences for students, while also making a positive impact in the community.  


We work to act and communicate honestly and with integrity and to treat others with respect, compassion, and understanding.


We believe in the power of collaboration and collective impact as we seek to create deeply engaged learning experiences and meet the needs of our communities.. We seek  strong and genuine  partnerships that enable all to work toward strengthening communities. 


We inspire and mobilize people to strengthen communities through learning, scholarship, and advocacy. We create safe spaces for diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We understand the ability of this teaching and learning process to foster a deeper understanding of our world, its issues and its people. We make use of best practices for program development, assessment, and professional growth.

Bennion Center History

Focus on Community Needs

The Lowell Bennion Community Service Center was dedicated in 1987 by Chase Peterson, President of the University of Utah. He stated, “No university can rest merely with the transmission of old or the generation of new knowledge. It must also help students reach out to larger opportunities and responsibilities. That is what the Bennion Center is all about.”

Students have been doing just that – directing projects designed to address an identified community need, usually in partnership with an existing public or private agency. Projects that served elderly people, youth, and special populations were among the first programs offered, and still provide the bulk of our volunteer opportunities.

Lowell Bennion

While new ideas and innovative strategies to implement them are flourishing, the Bennion Center continues to model itself on the life its namesake, Lowell Bennion, who embodied respect for all people, believed in social and economic justice for all, and acted tirelessly  on his beliefs.

Bennion Center History | The First 20 Years


About Lowell Bennion


Last Updated: 3/15/21